Indigenous issues

The main focus of this thematic area is preparing for the establishment of a cross-border PhD school in Sami and Indigenous studies. This in-depth collaboration will also enhance the opportunities to initiate research that to a larger degree looks across the state borders; as Sápmi is partitioned between four states, the research should not be limited by political borders.



Core partners

Lena Maria Nilsson, Umeå University,
Sanna Valkonen, University of Lapland,
Lena Manderstedt, Luleå University of Technology,
Anni-Siiri Länsman, University of Oulu,
Torjer Andreas Olsen, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway,

Key partners

Laila-Susanne Vars, Sámi Allaskuvla; Guovdageaidnu,
Astri Dankertsen, Nord Universitet, Bodø,




Doctor Lena Maria Nilsson

Co-director, Várdduo, Centre for Saami research

Umeå University

Umeå, Sweden

+46 90 786 59 59